Friday, July 14, 2017

Building Confidence With Taekwondo

By Brian Steward, 4th dan

Confidence is a very utilitarian tool which is helpful in almost all aspects of life. In a professional setting confidence can lead to new opportunities.  Confidence can start new interpersonal relationships and can improve existing relationships.  Even in artistic and creative situations confidence will help with creation and communication of ideas.  Confidence is especially important for adolescents and teenagers to learn.  It is critical to build confidence early on in life as it becomes easier to use and maintain confidence with practice.  A direct and effective method for building confidence is through a process of setting and attaining challenging goals.

Practicing martial arts has many benefits, including building confidence and self esteem in adults and childrenInstruction at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is excellent at building and maintaining students’ confidence.  Our students learn to set and achieve short, medium and long term goals while in classes.  The short term goals of our students include learning new techniques and perfecting known techniques.  Earning a new belt and winning competitions are common medium term goals which students might set for themselves.  The ultimate long term goal of our students is to become certified Moo Sul Kwan black belts.  All of these goals, from learning a new technique to earning a black belt, are challenging to realize. Instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute work with students in a positive manner to help students progress towards their goals.  Furthermore, instructors work to instill habits of self directed learning in their students so that the student will be able to accomplish goals on their own, regardless of the amount of dedication and practice that is required.  Because of the effort and perseverance necessary to achieve goals in CTI Taekwondo, every goal which is attained by the student leads to deep feelings of pride, satisfaction and above all confidence.  Confidence building in martial arts is not limited to the process of setting and accomplishing goals.

Other benefits of martial arts training also contribute to improved student confidence building.  Weight loss often accompanies martial arts training and can provide improved body image and confidence. Increased body control will come with Taekwondo training and will serve to boost the confidence of students. Taekwondo classes at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute are invaluable for students of all ages who are shy, timid or who just want to feel better about themselves.

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