Friday, November 11, 2016

Martial Arts Lessons at Littleton Taekwondo Institute

By Katie Dahle, Red Belt

Located between a sushi restaurant and a video gaming store there sits an unassuming Littleton martial arts school in a shopping center on South Simms Street. Its entrance in the corner of the parking lot beckons with bright window lights and decals of martial arts. If you watch, you’ll see a wide range of people come in and out of that front door. A mother with her 4 year old son dressed in a tiny uniform, a family wearing different colored belts but all wearing the same uniform, or even just a man with a duffle bag of sparring gear holding the door open for a friend. Each and every one of them are there for a reason, to learn Taekwondo. This is the place for Littleton martial arts lessons.

Martial arts lessons in Littleton, COThis is the site of one of the campuses for Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo in the Denver area (part of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute). Founded in 1994, the outstanding staff of black belt instructors at this school are able and eager to teach people of all ages and abilities. Classes during the week are divided by age but all students are taught the same principles of respect, confidence, integrity, perseverance and indomitable spirit.

Stepping inside the Littleton Taekwondo Institute, you’ll be treated to the sight of world class teaching in effect as students and teachers sweat their way through a work out that trains every part of the body. The class will flow from a warm-up of jumping jacks, to a series of stretches, to a Basics routine that covers strikes, blocks and kicks. The rest of the class ranges from Poomse (Taekwondo forms), to self-defense, or even a relay race.  The classes are positive and fun, whether you’re looking for an energy drain for your toddler or want to get in shape and be healthy yourself.

So if you’re on the hunt for Littleton karate, taekwondo, or other martial arts, come visit the Littleton Taekwondo Institute campus on Simms Street and stay a while. Give us a call at 303-979-2621 or you can request more information from our website here to get started.

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