Friday, November 4, 2016

Looking for the Right Martial Arts School

By Melodie Page, 1st dan

Have you ever considered taking a martial arts class for adults? Have your kids expressed interest in taking karate lessons? Are you looking for an individual activity for your teenager with positive role models? If any of these are true for you r your family, I recommend the Colorado Taekwondo Institute with convenient locations in Westminster, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Conifer and Craig.

People looking for martial arts training in the Denver metro areaI am a rather mature adult and I have been taking classes at CTI for over eight years. I have been totally impressed with the quality of instruction. I sincerely feel that if I can be successful at Taekwondo, then almost anyone can. We have martial arts classes for children and adults with a wide variety of people in them. Ages from 2 and up, beginners to black belts, and all kinds of abilities. 

Often adults get involved in our martial arts classes for adults after enrolling their kids and then seeing how everyone starts at their own ability and works their way up at their own pace. It looks hard, but our instructors are experts at teaching the basic moves, even breaking them down into small components, so that anyone can learn and master them.

At the Colorado Taekwondo Institute  everyone of our instructors have been trained to the highest standards.  Their training is overseen by our founder Grandmaster James Sautel who was trained by Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park who originally trained in Korea and came to the USA to teach the Korean traditional art of Taekwondo. Our training focuses on basic moves which are then incorporated into more complicated techniques. Our instructors genuinely care about each student and help them in an encouraging manner to become the best martial artist they can be. Our classes are a structured learning environment starting with stretching and warm ups and then moving on to learning basic kicking and punching techniques. The utmost attention is paid to preventing injuries, especially for adults. 

In addition to our regular classes, the CTI holds several tournaments throughout the year where students from all our campuses can compete with each other. In addition, we also have two weekend long conventions (one for specifically for black belts) where appropriate classes are held for children and adults at different belt levels.  Sometimes we will have an extra informative class on the weekend that students can attend if they wish. For kids, we have a week-long summer camp held at Snow Mountain Ranch, CO.  We also host some socials events such as our summer picnic and Christmas party.

Please checkout our website at or call our main campus in Lakewood for more information if you're intereseted in martial arts training. The phone number is 303-989-7542 where you can sign up for an introductory class or just ask questions.  You can also contact us online and ask for a call back at your convenience.

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