Friday, October 21, 2016

More Than Just a Martial Arts School

Martial arts kids and adults at at tournamentWhen you're driving down the street, you'll probably notice quite a few martial arts schools in various shopping centers near your home. Taekwondo, Karate, Krav Maga, and Kung Fu schools will appear here and there. There are currently around 16,600 different martial arts schools in the United States.1

Why are they so popular? Well first are the number of benefits that come from a good martial arts school. For children martial arts teaches focus, self-control, respect and confidence while providing exercise and energy release. And for adults martial arts provide stress relief, increased self-esteem while helping them get back into shape and lose weight. There are numerous benefits for people of all ages. You can see why over 18 million people practiced some type of martial arts last year.2

The next question, then, is how do I choose a martial arts school for myself or family member. And this is where you find that martial arts schools vary quite a bit. And by vary, I mean they can really vary. Sure the style of martial arts taught will vary, but so will the structure, cost, curriculum, age & experience of the instructors, length of the classes, size of the classes, diversity of the classes (ages and experience), the size and upkeep of the facility, and on and on. It's not like going into any McDonalds anywhere in the US and expecting to have the same lunch.

So where am I going with this? Well, if you are interested in pursuing martial arts in any capactiy, I have to recommend classes at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. The quality of the instruction is world-class, and the experience and lessons taught will last a lifetime.

But in addition to the great instruction, the whole experience of the program. Students attend two to three classes per week at their campus. Upper belt students attend our leadership program classes designed to empower our students with leadership qualities. Black belts attend extra workouts that mirror the workouts that Korean Olympic Taekwondo athletes practice in South Korea. We host four tournaments each year for students to compete against themselves and with each other, in a positive, educational environment. We host 3 day camps for students to practice and have a good environment to spend during breaks throughout the school year. We host two annual martial arts conventions for students across the country to attend and workout with world-renounced Grandmaster instructors. We host a summer camp at Snow Mountain Ranch for children to experience the wonderful outdoors of Colorado while sharpening their Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. We have a summer picnic where students and their families can come have an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with positive people. And we host a Christmas party for students and their families to enjoy the holiday season and dance with friends. There's so much more to the program than just learning martial arts.

There is a real sense of community at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. New students are welcomed into classes and are encouraged along the way. Experienced students help mentor new students, as they were new at one point too and they can help answer questions that may come up for new students.

It really is a great experience learning martial arts at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. I highly recommend you picking up the phone and calling your local campus, or you can request more information on our website here. We look forward to meeting you soon!


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