Monday, October 10, 2016

21st Moo Sul Kwan Black Belt Symposium

Our 21st MSK Black Belt Symposium took place October 7 - 9, at the Inn at SilverCreek in Granby, Colorado!  For twenty-one straight years, the Symposium has been held in different locations in Colorado, strengthening the skills, techniques, teaching strategies and more of our advanced belts, and this year was no different!

The Moo Sul Kwan upper belts had advanced classes in poomse, one-step sparring, self-defense, sparring, kicking, and much more.

Taekwondo black belts doing high karate kicks and jump kicksThe classes began on Friday evening and went to Sunday afternoon and were taught by a Moo Sul Kwan / AMASEA  staff:   Grandmaster James M. Sautel, Master Mindy Sautel, Master John Sautel, Master Erik Albrechtson, Mr. Andy McDaniel, Mr. Dustin Wheeler, Miss Bridget Sautel and Mr. Abdu Kikhia.

Saturday morning began at 6:00 AM with some good hard training and continued thru the day which ended at 4:00 PM in classroom work and a testing class.  That evening, fun entertainment followed the annual Symposium banquet.  Songs were performed by the Moo Sul Rock Band, and a very special MSK version of Deal or No Deal (Push-ups or No Push-ups) took place.  Hosted by Stephen "Howie Mandel" Sautel, the stakes were high and the action was hilarious!

Sunday morning began with some upper belt training followed by more classes and ending with everyone sparring together!

Don't forget, this year's Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXIII is going to take place at the Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado!

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