Monday, May 4, 2015


A fantastic weekend is coming!  It's the Moo Sul Kwan Summer Expo XXXI!

Taking place in Breckenridge, Colorado, May 29 - 31, at Beaver Run Resort, the 31st Expo features three days of training for students and instructors of all ages and belt levels.

Special guests Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin and Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand are travelling from St. Louis to be on the Summer Expo Teaching Staff.  Joining them will be Grandmaster James M. Sautel, Master Merinda J. Sautel, Master John T. Sautel and Master Erik R. Albrechtson and other excellent instructors!

The Expo begins on Friday evening and goes through Sunday at noon.  Dynamic classes, seminars, events and much more await the Expo participants.  There is training in all areas of martial arts training - poomse, sparring, self-defense, one-step sparring, breaking, staff and much more!  There are even complimentary classes for our parents, family members and friends that come for the weekend in self-defense, cardio kickboxing and how to help your students at home!

Great Grandmaster Shin, a pioneer in introducing martial arts to the United States, will be teaching everyone at different points during the weekend.  He will also have a special discussion with the black belts on philosophy and history of the martial arts.  In addition to the fine Expo Staff, Grandmaster Charles F. Hildebrand, President of MSK and the AMASEA, will also have the chance to teach each student and instructor that attends this year's Summer Expo.

The theme of the weekend is, "Make it Matter."  This idea, a hallmark of Moo Sul Kwan martial artists, will be present in each of the classes and events during Expo weekend.  To top off the great weekend, there will be a fun Expo Saturday night party featuring entertainment provided by all of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute locations.  There is also the favorite Amazing Moo Sul Race XI for all the students and instructors!

Sign up today for this very special weekend!

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