Friday, May 22, 2015

Benefits of Children Learning Martial Arts

By Zach Greaves, 1st dan

When young children are thinking about learning martial arts or karate, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is the place to be!  Developing self defense, self control, and self confidence is something we work on every class. With our program we guarantee a fun interactive environment where children can learn and strive to be black belts and world-class leaders.

Colorado Taekwondo Institute is a great place for your children to learn martial arts. They start and learn the basic martial arts techniques from white belt. They strive to gain complete control of their body and position of every single technique, they also learn to keep their eyes up, focus and stand still. For kids, especially those with lots of energy, this a great skill to have through all of life, to listen and act upon when information is given. It's a discipline that will help young children succeed and push their limits in school, music, gym class, and everything.

A martial arts black belt doing a jump back kick while learning martial artsMartial arts or karate classes is a great outlet, physical setting, and social setting. Through personal experience I have grown up with Colorado Taekwondo Institute and it has given me a place to show true colors and express who I really am and want to be. Opportunities are always given to become a really well rounded person through extra activities that we do in Taekwondo. For example, we have a martial arts summer camp where the kids have a chance to get away from their families and get to make friends in a new, safe environment. When they go through that entire fun-filled week they realize that is probably one of the best weeks they have ever had. As parents, you probably remember the first time you went away to camp and how scared you were. Then at the end of it all you realized that you made priceless memories and maybe even lifelong friends. We dance, we play, we ride bikes and we sweat practicing our Taekwondo martial arts.

Through our every day classes we work on anti-bullying and self defense.  We want children to understand that they can defend themselves and also prevent the community from bullying. We are also pushing children to understand opportunities and keep their eyes open to world and to stay away from the bad to preserve the good.  We like to dive into different cultures and our black belt team travels around the world. Last year we went to South Korea, the home of our martial art, Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo. So in every class we use Korean words for our techniques to keep their origin and tradition alive. After each class we say a Korean word which means, "Self-Control before Self-Defense". We make each other understand instructor to student, student to instructor and student to student that we will use our self control first. This whole mentality and word really eliminates conflicts outside of the school and within the school.  It's makes us better as a community and makes us better in our community. Through learning martial arts we can help children to protect their mind and body.

So when you or your child is thinking about learning martial arts or karate class, the CTI is a great way to get them into something physical and fun that they can enjoy their entire life.  It helps them with confidence and discipline at school and at home.

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