Friday, April 5, 2013

Moo Sul Modesty

By Mark Scott, brown belt

Modesty in the way we live life has many positive benefits. Modesty allows us to see ourselves without being too harsh or too easy on our life.  This more relaxed view cuts down on hostility and anger in our everyday situations.  Modesty allows us to properly judge our performance and to set our expectations and goals correctly.  Being modest is also appreciated by friends, family and other people we meet in our daily lives.

First, modesty allows us to properly judge our place in the world.  This perspective allows us to be less angry and hostile when set in stressful situations.  Whenever the situation arises where we become angry, we often become angry because we view our opinions or goals as more superior.  If modesty is applied, the overall situation can be viewed and judged more fairly.

Using modesty also allows us to judge our abilities and desires in the proper perspective.  When we set goals for ourselves, if we apply modesty, we can set appropriate goals.  Being able to set goals that are achievable and rewarding will give more pleasure than setting goals too  high or low for our abilities.  Setting goals too low and achieving the goal doesn't feel as good.  Setting a goal too high and we struggle and apply too much stress and may never achieve the goal.

Also, people like to work, play, and be around people who view themselves in a modest way.  Being around people who judge themselves too lowly for the occasion can be boring and depressing.  On the contrary, being around people who always perceive they are the greatest in every situation can be frustrating and annoying.  People who modestly judge their abilities are easier to befriend and enjoy.

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