Monday, December 24, 2012

CTI Black Belt World Tour '14

The Black Belt Team is Traveling to South Korea!
The announcement was made at the CTI Christmas Party on where our Black Belts will travel in 2014.  This will be the 7th leg on the CTI World Tour and it's going to be South Korea!

We made a trip to South Korea in 2001, and we return for more training, education and fun!  On our first journey to Korea, we discovered Seoul, Busan, Kyongju and many other fantastic places.  We visited a Korean Folk Village, trained at the Kukkiwon, sparred at a University in Seoul, visited ancient temples, went to the DMZ Zone, shopped in Seoul and much more!  Some of us even went to Great Grandmaster Park's Mother's 80th birthday celebration and visited a local Taekwondo school in Kyongju.

This next trip to the "Land of the Morning Calm" will involve new adventures for our Black Belt Team!   There is a CTI Head Start Pre-Training Schedule available for interested black belts and red belts from their instructor.

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