Friday, April 20, 2012

Demo at Carmody Middle School

Around 750 students, teachers and school staff packed the Carmody Middle School gym for a demonstration by some members of our CTI Demonstration Team on April 21st.

Carmody Middle School is located in Lakewood, Colorado, and is led by Principal Scott Allensworth.  Last year, Principal Allensworth directed John Sautel to begin the Carmody Taekwondo Club for interested students and teachers at Carmody Middle School.

Master John Sautel, who teaches Math at Carmody, leads the Carmody Taekwondo Club and holds classes each week throughout the school year for the 7th and 8th graders.  Just in its second year, the Carmody Taekwondo Club has many fine, hard working students, including Mr. Lee Tomjack who is one of the teachers at Carmody Middle School.

When the demo group ran out into the gymnasium, everyone at the school was there, filling all of the seats and then some!  The CTI Demonstration Team took the crowd on a journey through some of the exercise, basics, poomse, one-step sparring, breaking and more of Moo Sul Kwan martial arts.  Among the many fine displays of MSK techniques by the demonstr
ators of all belt levels, Master John Sautel delighted the crowd with a self-defense demo with daughter Bridget Sautel, 3rd dan.  Freddy Sautel, 4th dan, finished the demo with a flying side kick break over several teachers including Principal Allensworth!

Demonstration participants included:  Kyle Soer, Lee Tomjack, Braden Davis, Lydia Lincke, Austin Carlton, Derek Simpson, Jennifer McKernan, Karen Carreon, Ethan Price, Owen Hartmann, Peyton Brauch, Nate Watkins, Tanner Copper, Alyssa Copper, Nathan Rockenfeller, Emma Hartmann, Kai Wong, Eileen Lindner, Ryan Lindner, Eric Evans, Delaney Zandin, Abbey Watkins, David Wallace, Michael Sandusky, Abdu Kikhia, Bridget Sautel, Clayton Garner, Alice Meyung, Freddy Sautel, Master Albrechtson, Master John Sautel, Grandmaster Sautel

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