Friday, August 5, 2011

Parade Poetically Projected

By Holly Madayag, red belt

The students woke early Saturday morning to a beautiful sunny day
Not a single cloud to threaten rain;
We donned our uniforms in the usual way
And prepared to show the masses how hard we train.

We anxiously waited for our turn
Our Parade Demo Team!
On a back street in downtown Golden;
And ever so quickly we did learn
That we were third in line and holdin’.

There were lots of folks and little shade
Excitement filled the air;
It was the annual Buffalo Bill’s Day Parade
And the CTI was proudly there!

We were honored to see some of the many other groups paradin’
Such an amazing sight;
Cowboys on horseback masqueradin’
Gymnasts backspringing with all their might!

And then it was time, it was our school’s chance
We marched in tall and proud;
Then each of us assumed our best low stance
With kihaps bold and loud!

As we neared the judges, we stood entirely still
Then Master Albrechtson gave the commands;
And we began breaking, poomse and a walking drill
You could hear a pin drop in the stands.

And in the crowd there was a little boy
We’ll just call him Tommy;
He watched in awe as the black belts broke
Then I saw him tug her shirt, point and say, “Look, Mommy!”

It was at that moment I surely knew
As I watched him hold his hand out for a flyer;
That this is why we do what we do –
And why our spirit will never tire.

I hope “Tommy’s” mom will sign him up
And he trains hard and becomes strong;
And then in next year’s parade he could march with us
And the crowd would get a chance to see his best Tae Geuk Il Chang!

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