Friday, August 26, 2011

Knowledge, Creativity and School Pride

By Kyle Feagans, purple belt

Black Belt Team in Munich, Germany
There are many different ways to gain knowledge and creativity.  The process of gaining knowledge and creativity begins at an early age.  We gain knowledge and creativity from our elementary, junior high, high school and college teachers and professors.  They teach us to listen, read and think.  They encourage us to keep pushing, to be persistent to achieve our dreams and goals.  Fortunately and unfortunately knowledge, at times, is gained through life experiences.  Many of our most difficult life challenges are the ones that provide us with the most knowledge…knowledge that one day we can pass along to those we encounter through our life journey.

We gain and share knowledge and creativity in our work and home environment.  We are always surrounded by leaders, mentors, friends and family with years of experience.  They teach us the knowledge and creativity that they have gained in raising a family or in the occupation, business and industry we choose to pursue from their journey through life.  Like those before us, we will gain knowledge and creativity from the “School of Hard Knocks.” Then, at some point in time we will be provided with the opportunity to pass our experience along too.

Advancement of knowledge also brings creativity.  Creativity in itself is a sign of knowledge.  The art of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo is an example of Knowledge and Creativity that has been passed along from generation to generation and from person to person.  Many of the poomse we learn are very old.  They have been created by a diverse group of people.  Their knowledge and creativity is evident in the line of movements, pattern and meaning of the poomse.  If it were not for the passion of those that posses the knowledge and creativity of taekwondo to pass it along to those with the passion to gain the knowledge and creativity the art would not be what it is today.

School pride can be shown in many ways.  It can be shown by the way we care for and encourage our fellow students.  It can be shown by our ability to listen to the upper belts, black belts and instructors that have a passion to help us meet our MSK Taekwondo goals.  School pride is seen because we treat others the way we want to be treated.  Our school pride can be seen in the way take care of the school itself.  We keep the changing and workout rooms as well as the workout equipment clean and organized.  We keep the lobby area clean for family, friends and guest so that they have an enjoyable and comfortable place to watch their family and friends workout.

I am very thankful for my family and home.  Being a father of two, while it has many challenges, it also bring a lot of joy and laughter to my life.  I continue to learn just how much knowledge and creativity it takes to raise children.  A creative solution to a problem that worked one day may not work the next day.  It always fascinates me when getting together with friends that conversations regarding our kids always comes up.  We talk about their happenings at school, their hobbies and discipline struggles.  It is during these conversations that I gain knowledge and get creative ideas that may work in my home.  I am thankful for the knowledge and creative advice that I get from my  family too.  Much of the advice they give is to remind me that they are a lot like me…now I understand why I have to be so creative and must gain so much knowledge.

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