Monday, October 5, 2020

Taekwondo for Toddlers!

Taekwondo for toddlers as a little girl gets ready to perform at a martial arts tournament

Martial arts is the perfect sport for kids, providing a valuable, positive outlet for their energetic selves.  When looking for taekwondo or karate classes for toddlers, it's important to find a quality program that will give the most to your children. That's why we highly recommend Taekwondo for toddlers at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. 

Kids love working out with Taekwondo black belt instructors and fellow students in great martial arts classrooms with padded floors and master instructors.  All ages of kids can join us at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute!  No matter when a child starts Taekwondo, they can experience the benefits of Taekwondo. In fact, some black belts of today started when they were as young as three years old. It's great to think at one point there was a parent like you looking for karate classes for 3 year olds, and years later they are the proud parent of a Moo Sul Kwan black belt. No matter what age a kid is, they can enjoy Taekwondo at CTI, where classes are offered throughout the week for all ages.

Taekwondo is a great source of exercise for kids. Classes last 30 minutes for “tigers” (the youngest students) and an hour for older kids.  In both, kids get to exercise and have fun, both in a great Taekwondo environment.  Not only do kids have a chance to exercise in CTI Taekwondo classes, but they also improve their mind-body coordination and even learn about the science behind how the body works and how that affects Taekwondo moves.  There are workouts in Taekwondo classes at CTI for all parts of the body.

The benefits of CTI Taekwondo for kids are enormous. Besides being a good outlet for energy, Taekwondo classes also provide mental exercise.  As kids learn blocks, kicks, punches, and other techniques in Taekwondo classes, they improve memory, coordination, and patience, along with other mental skills.  Taekwondo is one of the best sports that include both physical exercise and mental excellence in its training.  While kids in Taekwondo classes are physically exercising, they are also learning discipline and attention skills.  The Taekwondo teachings at CTI is meant to include both the body and mind.

Whenever kids start karate classes for toddlers, they can enjoy the fun classes, physical exercise, and learning that comes with it.  All the black belt instructors at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute have had years of Taekwondo experience and are great with kids.  No matter the age, kids who join Taekwondo fall in love with the classes, learning, exercise, and experience.  They can even become black belt instructors themselves with time and practice.  All kids (and adults) who do Taekwondo enjoy it and learn every time they step into the classroom.

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