Tuesday, December 10, 2019

21st LHP Team Champs


Students of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute sitting in a formation to spell "CTI"

A fantastic day was had by all at our 21st Lee H. Park Team Championships on December 7th!  Honoring our MSK / AMASEA founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park and our United States Veterans.  An all-time MSK/AMASEA/CTI record 391 Moo Sul Kwan students and instructors packed Alameda International for exciting team competitions.

The day began at 7 AM with black belts competing in Team Poomse, Blindfolded One-Step Sparring, Team Staff, Team Breaking and Team Self-Defense.

Later, all belts and ages took their turn in Team Creative Basics, One-Step Sparring, Breaking, Poomse, Most Kicks in a CTI Minute and Basics Challenge.

There was also a demonstration provided by our CTI Black Belt Club which involved five different CTI Campuses.  The demo showcased many of the different areas that are trained in Black Belt Club classes.

Our United States National Anthem at this year's LHP Team Championships was led by Michael and Doug Sandusky, with all of the black belts and students singing along.

The end of this fantastic team championships saw our 3rd dan and above black belts compete in Blindfolded Breaking competitions.  Winning CTI Black Belts performed five blindfolded breaks to the delight of everyone in attendance!

The next Championships is the 46th CTI Superbowl is February 28-29!

Click here to see some photos of our 21st LHP Team Champs.

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