Monday, November 26, 2018

Martial Arts for Family

By Nethika Suraweera, blue belt

Growing up in Sri Lanka and having moved to United States 10 years ago, I’ve heard good things about martial arts: How it helps people to stay in control with body, spirit and mind; How it helps kids to grow up with discipline and so many invaluable qualities; How it teaches any human to face challenges in life.  3 years ago, as me and my family moved to Denver, I was looking for a martial arts class for my 5 years old son. I inquired about Karate institutes and Taekwondo institutes in Littleton, Lakewood area.

My son was about to start Kindergarten, and we met some black belts from Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) at the information session before starting the school year. When looked up for more information, and asked from other parents, I figured out that CTI was a great martial arts school. They had 5 campuses around Denver including Littleton, that is very closer to where we live. They had before and after school programs at several elementary schools and middle schools.

Martial arts familyWe enrolled our son for the Taekwondo class done by CTI, conveniently at his school.  Three months after he started Taekwondo, we were at his very first tournament, and I saw that people of every age participating in Taekwondo events, and I was fascinated by the demo done by the black belts. That’s the day I decided that I myself will join the classes at CTI. As of today, I am a blue belt, my son is a about to be a Junior blue belt and my 4 years old daughter is a Tiger green belt. We enjoy practicing in martial arts at CTI as a family. My husband continuously helps for our Taekwondo events and activities.

Within these few years we’ve built a good relationship with CTI. We have a great community of nice people. We have picnics, Christmas parties, food drives and many more activities. CTI even do ‘Lock-In’s that they take care of kids on some Friday nights, and parents can go out for a date night! CTI does an awesome job organizing martial arts events. Each year there are several tournaments, a summer expo, summer camps for kids and adults, a black belt symposium, master seminars and a black belt world tour every few years.

CTI follows rules and techniques of an ancient Taekwondo style: ’Moo Sul Kwan’. They make sure to preserve traditional values of Moo Sul Kwan, while teaching it to today’s students in a way that they can master in both physical and psychological excellence. To ensure high standards, CTI works in association with Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts Institute and American Martial Arts Sports and Education Association.

The martial arts instructors at CTI are excellent. They’ve being very well trained for teaching and it is a continues learning and training process and a life-long commitment for them. The belt promotion process is very organized and strict in a good way, that every student must work hard at their best to earn credits. The kids and adults complete an assignment every month, and in my opinion that is a great activity. The assignment is usually about 5 tenants of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit, or other valuable concepts to improve our lives. It is a good chance for adults to revise and refresh their values. For the kids, a great way of growing up incorporating good habits and skills. CTI lives up to its mission statement: "To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”.

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