Friday, January 12, 2018

All the Benefits of Martial Arts Training, No Matter the Age

By Erik Albrechtson, 6th dan

Two martial arts black belt master instructors performing techniquesAre you looking for an activity for your kids to do this summer? Or are you looking for a fitness program to get into shape or lose a few pounds? In either case, you should consider trying out our martial arts classes at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. With our martial arts school locations here in Colorado, you're sure to find a class that is for you, no matter what age you are.

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute was founded in 1983, by Grandmaster James M. Sautel. Since then it has grown to 6 locations in Colorado, along with various before and after school programs at local Elementary schools.

One thing that is great about martial arts classes at our school, is there is a perfect fit for you, no matter your age, experience or fitness level. Four of the biggest reasons that parents enroll their children or why adults get started are for discipline, respect, focus and exercise.

Kids (ages 2 to 12)

  • Discipline - Our structured, dynamic classes are a great way for your child to develop discipline. Within a few months, you will see your child's control over their mind and body grow.
  • Respect - This is a big part of our classes for children. They are learning to respect adults and teachers, but they are also learning to respect themselves. This will help them make better decisions and to develop confidence in themselves.
  • Focus - Along with discipline, our structured classes help students learn to focus. When learning new moves, exercising hard or kicking a target, they are learning to focus their mind, which in turn will help them focus at home and school.
  • Exercise - It's no secret that the United States is in the top 20 most obese countries in the world.1 It is important to teach children when they are young, the value of hard work and exercise. Our martial arts classes are filled with jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and martial arts techniques and forms that involves both cardio and muscular strength.


  • Discipline - The need to develop discipline doesn't wane as children grow into their teen years. As they get older, they get more independence, and so the need to improve and grow their discipline does too. Our classes are a great way for teens to be thinking about controlling their body and mind.
  • Respect - In our martial arts classes, teens are learning to respect their teachers (both here and at school) and their parents, and it starts with learning to respect themselves. This will help them make better decisions and to develop confidence as they grow into adults.
  • Focus - It seems like there are more and more things to distract kids these days, so focus and the ability to focus are becoming more and more important. This will result in better school grades, and better performance in other activities and sports. 
  • Exercise - Similar to their younger peers, teens are at danger to become overweight or obese. Not all schools require physical education classes through middle and high school, so there is a bigger chance teens are getting less exercise. Our classes are 60 or 90 minutes of dynamic movement and teach them the importance of staying fit.


  • Discipline - Sometimes as adults we forget that we need to be working on our discipline too! Getting off the couch, cleaning out the garage like you've been meaning to, not over-reacting when a bag situation happens. The self-control learned here in classes will carry into all of the other components of your life. 
  • Respect - Similar to the younger students, adults are working on developing respect for teachers, bosses and their peers. We have so many "success stories" of adult students who take the lessons learned here to the work place and it changes their performance at work, and they enjoy work so much more!
  • Focus - Ever walk into a room and forget why you did? Even as adults we need to constantly be sharpening our minds and learning to focus on the task at hand. When learning complex martial arts patterns, kicks and blocks, you are sharpening your mind and developing that focus.
  • Exercise - One common misconception for adults is that they have to be in good physical shape to start martial arts classes, but this is far from the truth! The idea is to join classes and to slowly get into shape, shed unwanted pounds and gain muscle mass. Classes are tailored to go at your own pace, so you set your goals and strive to achieve them!

So as you can see, there are great benefits for everyone here at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute. But what makes us different than any other martial arts schools in the area? There are actually quite a few differences, and all martial arts schools aren't created equally!

First, we are a traditional Taekwondo school, teaching the same style of classes that were started by our founder, Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park, in 1969. The training and classes isn't watered-down by the latest fad that happens to be popular at the time. Our time-tested program and curriculum is sure to provide the best results, and be the safest for our students.

Second, the students' best interests are always in our core. Whether it comes to having spacious workout areas, custom built suspension floors to take the impact out of our training, or offering enough classes to have a balanced teacher to student ratio, we want what is best for our students!
Third, we have instructors that care. Each of our instructors start our program at white belts and are part of the program and grow to know each and every student. We take person interest in each and every student, and want to mentor them on their journey to black belt.

So stop by or give us a call at 303-428-5377 to learn more about classes. Or you can click here to request more information online. With five locations along the front range, there is sure to be a martial arts school locations near you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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