Monday, December 4, 2017

19th Lee H. Park Team Championships

The 19th Lee H. Park Championships was a complete, outstanding day of competition, demonstrations, learning and fun!  372 Moo Sul Kwan martial art students and instructors celebrated our 9th CTI Hanmadang at Alameda International Junior/Senior High School in Lakewood, Colorado.

The LHP Team Championships is a day of peace and celebration of Moo Sul Kwan and founder Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park.   There were exciting competitions for all belt levels and ages in;  Team Poomse, Team One-Step Sparring, Team Breaking, Team Staff and more like the Most Kicks in a CTI Minute and CTI Basic Challenge and more!

Four martial arts women doing a Taekwondo poomseThe day began at 7:00 AM with black belt meetings followed by black belt team competitions.  First up was Black Belt Team Poomse followed by Team Staff competition, Team One-Step Sparring and Team Breaking.  When the second group arrived, the under black belt competitions began.  To start with, the National Anthem was sung by black belts Michael and Doug Sandusky and all of the MSK black belts and spectators.  Then the many teams from across the CTI competed in Poomse, One-Step Sparring, Breaking, and the always dynamic, Creative Basics competition.  This year's Team Creative Basics were performed to the song "Santa's Beard" by the Beach Boys.  Incredibly, the very full day was over before 3:30 PM, with everyone happy and exhausted!

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