Friday, December 9, 2016

Martial Arts Lessons at Golden Taekwondo Institute

By Michael Sandusky, 3rd dan

Martial arts lessons in Golden, CO

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute was founded in 1983, by Grandmaster James M. Sautel. In 2005, the Golden Taekwondo Institute was established. It is located in The Place shopping center and has participated in and sponsored many events in the local community. Events such as the Buffalo Bill Day parade in Golden, the Annual CTI Picnic, the Maple Grove Elementary fun run fundraiser, and donated to many other elementary school events in the surrounding Golden, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge area.

The Golden Taekwondo Institute has four talented instructors who work with students of all ages. Third degree black belts Michael Sandusky and Brian Steward and First degree black belts Peyton Brauch and Justin Lautrup. Our instructors work with student preschool elementary, middle and high school age all the way to Adults, five nights a week. There are even classes on Fridays evenings. Our flexible schedule is sure to fit into your busy life.

The school has a clean and welcoming environment for both students and visitors.  Our Students and instructors practice in a spacious classroom with several viewing windows for parents and friends to watch and follow along with the class.  Parents are encouraged to stay and watch classes so they know how to best help their students.  The instructors strive to keep a fun and encouraging learning environment for all students to help them learn the curriculum and meet new friends.  The positive atmosphere gives students and friends a nice place to spend time.

And when they are done working out, there are also many places to grab a meal after class ranging from tacos and wings to burgers and soup in the Place shopping center. Tafolino's Mexican RestaurantJimmy's Wings and Pizzeria Forte are all within a few feet of our door.

But if all martial art schools have so many benefits for children and adults, why chose the Colorado Taekwondo Institute when looking for Golden martial arts lessons? As with anything else, the quality makes a huge difference. You want to find the best school possible for you or your children to attend in order to maximize your results and to get the most from the program. Here are four reasons why the CTI is the best school in the Golden area for children's and adult martial arts:

  • Educated Instructors -  We don't hire any outside instructors; each instructor is "home-grown" from white belt and developed into one of our educated instructors. This allows us to provide the very-best in quality instruction. Each black belt instructor has years of martial arts instruction and also instructor development.
  • Structured, Dynamic Classes - each class taught is set in a structured environment. Students are led by the instructor through a routine of exercise, basic and advanced Taekwondo techniques. With this structure, students are learning discipline and focus. They aren't running around being wild, they are developing themselves mentally.
  • Safe Learning Environment - Each of our campuses is designed with the best quality of instruction in mind. We build our own custom suspension workout floors and have quiet workout areas so students can focus on their learning and not become distracted with outside influences.
  • Staff that Cares - All of our teachers put students first, teaching to help our students foster their passion for martial arts in the same way that they learned. Our school isn't a "belt factory" designed to get as many students in the door as possible and promote them in a money-making scheme. Every instructor here cares about their students and wants to encourage and help them develop all of the wonderful things that martial arts have to offer.  Our students come first.  The instructors work to encourage and lead them into being the best student they can be.

Please feel free to come in for a visit or to try out a class.  Our instructors will be happy to answer your questions about the school. Or you can give us a call at 303-233-0039 or request more information from our website here.

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