Friday, April 15, 2016

Where To Go When Looking for Kids Karate in Denver

By Eileen Lindner, 2nd dan

Childrens and kids karate classes taught at the Colorado Taekwondo InstituteIs your young child ready for taekwondo, martial arts, or kid's karate classes?  Do they have energy and want to run and jump?  Do they follow you or their older siblings around, wanting to copy you and be like you?  Are they working on motor and listening skills?  This could mean that kids’ karate or taekwondo classes will be a great fit for your child.

The tiger classes at Colorado Taekwondo Institute are specifically designed to meet the changing physical, emotional and cognitive needs of the 2-5 year old student.  Our 30 minute classes offered twice a week will encourage and instruct your child in many ways.

The benefits to the child in a kids’ taekwondo class include improvements or increases in:

  • listening skills
  • coordination and motor skills
  • balance
  • self-confidence
  • self-control
  • discipline
  • respect
  • attention span & focus
  • patience
  • relationships with peers and other adults

The directed and disciplined tiger taekwondo classes will have an impact on your child right away.  From the initial bowing before entering the class itself, the taekwondo instructor has the attention and interest of the children.  Everything done in the tiger taekwondo class follows a proven routine which improves the attention, focus, discipline and skill of every student on a consistent basis.

The Korean motto of Colorado Taekwondo Institute, “ho shin,” which means “self-control, self-defense,” puts the emphasis correctly on controlling one’s self before anything else.  Following directions and paying attention are the primary focus of tiger classes.  Within the framework of the children's karate, they learn to stretch, punch, and kick; while learning respect for authority, patience, and discipline.

Whether your child is 2 years old or 12 years old, kids’ karate or taekwondo classes are a great way to channel their unending energy, focus them on achieving goals, create life-long learners, and improve their self-esteem.  Each student learns techniques and skills at their own speed, with their own skill sets of coordination and focus.  The Colorado Taekwondo Institute tiger instructor knows well how to encourage them individually and within the larger group to continue to improve to earn their next belt over several weeks or kick a higher target right there.

The mission of the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is, "To encourage world-class leadership through educational excellence and Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions”.  Our passion has always been to develop black belts with leadership and teaching skills who make meaningful contributions at the family, school, and community levels.  More than ever, after thirty years of excellence, we believe that we can be the best at providing an education-based martial arts program that develops students into champions.

Our dynamic classes provide the best in martial arts lessons for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. For more information about the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, the five metro area locations, and the schedule of classes most suitable for your kids karate classes, go to or give us a call at 303-428-5377.

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