Friday, February 26, 2016

The Taekwondo Program Offered at the CTI

By Tyler Murphy, 2nd dan

Students from the taekwondo school at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute

Similar to many areas of life there are similarities and difference between the different areas of a subject. Taekwondo, karate, or martial arts programs are not exception; the curriculum and program can differ between the different types of martial arts, and the different styles within a certain martial art. Throughout the six different Moo Sul Kwan locations in Colorado, we practice the exact same curriculum. All instructors and campus coordinators are on the same page with what they teach, how they teach it, and when to teach certain parts of our program. Our taekwondo program is very unified between each taekwondo school because of weekly meetings between the different schools, and the well trained instructors that we have. Due to the fact that all of our schools teach the same things, it makes it possible for tournaments to be held with all students from the Colorado Taekwondo Institute welcome and encouraged to come. The unity of the program provides a fair opportunity for all competitors to succeed and excel in their competitions because nobody has an unfair disadvantage, and all competitors are held to the exact same standards and rules, no matter which campus they come from. Another factor that contributes healthy competition is that since our events are held between many different campuses with hundreds of students we are able to make divisions that are fair to all competitors. This is only because we have enough people to choose people of similar age, rank to properly set up the competition.

Not only is our program’s unity a contributor to the fact that we can have tournaments with everybody invited, it is also important for the community like atmosphere that students with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute experience. With hundreds of students between the campuses students are always able to find somebody who is in a similar situation as themselves. This includes age, rank, and goals. The similarities between students provides a sense of motivation between the students that will help them to continue to excel through the program and onto new belts. The satisfaction of succeeding through their training will only motivate them more because of their being rewarded for hard work and over time, after getting to know other people at their same level it will develop a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition to get to the next belt, to learn new moves, or many other things, which will accelerate their training to higher levels.

The taekwondo program developed with the Colorado Taekwondo Institute has been developed for over thirty years and refined every step of the way. We have used ideas from different countries, such as Ireland, Korea, and Germany, to mention a few of the locations our black belts have traveled on our world tours.  We have developed a program that is focused toward the students. We teach for the students to help them in all possible ways. Instructors are trained to teach effectively and in a way that is best for the student. We developed a very strong curriculum over the many years and will continue to improve what we do in order to become closer to achieving excellence.

Give us a call if you are looking into a taekwondo school for your family. The program offered here is sure to be a great fit!

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