Friday, September 4, 2015

A CTI Testimonial: Part 2

Hannah E.

Martial arts kid breaking board with side kickMy son began taking Taekwondo at Colorado Taekwondo Institute 18 months ago and has loved every minute of it! In fact, he can't get enough of the martial arts for kids, of the personal and physical challenges and of the caring staff. While attending CTI, my son (and entire family) has benefited from: 1. the incredible staff, 2. top quality skills training, 3. education and support in maintaining high values and morals, 4. awareness of caring for the community we live in, 5. being challenged mentally and physically

  1. The staff at CTI has been nothing less than amazing! the skill and the experience of the instructions has provided top-notch instruction for my son. I love how the teachers take the time to point out the finest of detail to help my son be the best he can be. They pay careful attention to all the students so they can all see improvement and growth. It is also obvious that they care for their students as individuals and take the time to learn more about their life outside of Taekwondo. 
  2. My son is very competitive and enjoys the competition at tournaments. He has never placed less then 2nd and has mostly received 1st place trophies and metals. It is important to him that his skill training be the best in the area to ensure the continues success at tournaments. We are very impressed with the top quality skills training. 
  3. Colorado Taekwondo institute is intentional on teaching high morals and values to all their students. My son has benefited in all areas of his life from this. Specifically, the five tenets of Taekwondo are behaviors that are developed and expected from their students. Those tenants are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and indomitable Spirit. 
  4. We are very impressed with the involvement CTI has in the community! They do can food and clothes drives, they collect and donate turkeys, they rally for those in special and specific needs and teach the students to be a part of caring for others. 
  5. It is very important that my son is challenged both mentally and physically. I love how CTI continuously provides him with new challenges every month. Whether it is learning a new form or a new character trait, my son is always challenged to do more, get better and have fun! I highly recommend Colorado Taekwondo Institute to my family, friends and all people who are looking for Martial Arts training.

Tammy V.

We couldn’t be happier with CTI and specifically the Westminster school and their martial arts for kids. We enrolled our daughter about a year and a half ago for many reasons, among which was a slight bullying problem, and she has learned so much during this time. Her self-confidence has increased tremendously. In today’s crazy world it’s unfortunate that, as parents, you look to find tools to give your children that will help protect them now, in middle and high school, and beyond. What we love so much about CTI is the fact that even though they are teaching self-defense, they do not teach the kids to fight/stay and fight, but give them the confidence to walk away from a troubled situation or the skills needed to provide themselves with an opportunity to get away. An example of the confidence it has given her is that when her school went into lock-down last year, while many of the children were frightened and emotional, our daughter said she wasn’t that scared because she knew she and some other classmates knew Taekwondo. How amazing is that, that at 9 years old she was able to feel secure in an unnerving situation!

The instructors are amazing and really care about each child and their individual training. The leadership skills that our daughter is learning are invaluable. The instructors give opportunities right off the bat for the children to help lower belts in their training, whether they are one belt above or several, fostering bonds and teaching skills and the attitude of helping others. They do a great job at motivating the kiddos to keep them engaged and excited about the program. The instructors are able to balance a form of teaching that allows them to instruct and correct the children with discipline while doing it in a fun and non-threatening manner. The tournaments, the encouraging words in class, the extra-curricular activities which allow the children to have fun with each other and their instructors outside of working hard in the class room, the summer camp opportunities, are just a few of the things CTI does to keep the children enthusiastic and motivated and wanting more. Thank you CTI for the skills you have given our daughter and we look forward to many more years at CTI and happily recommend them every chance we get.

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