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Camp MSK '15

By Caela McCartney, red belt

Perfect weather, wonderful food, excellent training, fun activities and many educational challenges were in store for the record number of Moo Sul Kwan Campers at this year's Camp MSK '15.

The students and instructors worked on their kicks, blocks, punches, self-defense, falling, throwing, poomse, sparring, one-step sparring and breaking techniqus for the six day camp at Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado.

Everyone had the opportunities to do the other activities this year, which included; the new tubing hill, horseback riding, outdoor climbing wall, swimming, zip line, basketball, volleyball and indoor roller skating to name a few.

Black belts were up and training at 6:00 AM each morning, followed by the red belts who began the day at 7:00 AM.  All the colored belt level students were at it at 8:00 AM.  The busy days continued on until the sun went down . . . and then the evening activities took place.  This year, some of the evening activities were; movie night, musical breaking night and minute-to-win-it night!

At Camp MSK, there are always surprises.  This year there was a surprise guest - it was Mr. Mark Fraser, Judo 4th dan, from New Mexico, who taught some great classes on throwing, falling and self-defense to everyone at Camp.  Mr. Fraser trained at the Lee H. Park Institute for many years before moving to New Mexico.

On one of the days, the Camp Clash took place.  Led by Mr. Freddy Sautel, 4th dan, the Camp Clash was made up of Teams that took part in a series of different challenges that tested their skills.  It was all tough, fun and inspiring!

Here's an article from Caela McCartney, red belt, from the Westminster Campus of the CTI:

Summer Camp Adventures!

Summer camp could not have gone by any faster. We did a whole week of kicking and punching, but also doing many activities.

On check in day we started working on our demos.  Demos are a project that we work in groups, with different students from different schools, to create fun and cool looking demonstrations to the parents on the last day.  

Sunday was where students got to experience camp was all about. We woke up to, of course, amazing breakfast. Then during 11:00 all of the students went down to a tubing hill. This tubing hill was the best activity I think we did because that day was somewhat warm and so what wasn’t a better day to go down the tubing hill.  The tubing hill was like a carpet type of material you went down and there was water spraying at your face when you went down the hill.  I think what was awesome was the workers who pushed you down the hill would sometimes spin or push you down backwards! Afterwards we all walked down together and played kickball and mini golf.  Also we went to the Kiva where we could play basketball or go roller skating.

Monday was the day most of us all look forward to.  That day you get to go zip lining, horseback riding, or rock wall climbing (if you paid for any of those activities).  If you were waiting to go on those or didn’t sign up for them you got to tie dye!  Tie dye is a camp event that I always look forward to because I don’t get any other chance to tie dye except at camp.  Also when you are waiting for your activity we got a chance to go to the gift shop.  After lunch we got to just relax in the cabin and watch TV if we didn’t have a activity or you finished tie dying or you went to the gift shop.

Tuesday morning during the red belt class we got a chance to learn Judo.  In Judo class we learned proper techniques to fall and how to flip people.  That day we also worked on our demos to clean up some stuff and performed it in front of Grandmaster Sautel.  That night we all sat down and had movie night.  The movie we watched was Paul Blart which is a very funny movie.

Wednesday was a sad day for us because it was the last full day of camp and since we all had fun we didn’t want to leave.  That day we did more Judo and learned more ways to flip people.  For Lunch and Dinner we had leftovers of what we had previous nights.  To be honest leftover day is the best at camp because they want to get rid of all of the food so you get to eat anything you want!  That night we had the party where you get to hear fantastic music by the band and you get to break boards!  The party is always great because you get your tie dye back and see how your colors turned out.

On Thursday we presented our demos.  I think this year we had the best demos yet.  The songs were great and so was all of the kicks and punches the groups did.  Also I think it was cool to see everyone’s tie dye.  After our demos we packed up and left.

Camp MSK never gets boring no matter how old you are. I have been to 3 camps and I think every year they get better and better.  Even though you leave your parents you get to make friends from other campuses or see your friends from other campuses.  I think camp was the best so far!

Extra Special Thanks goes to Master Chef Cindy Tusa and Pam Sautel for the fantastic food which was specially prepared three times a day for the hungry students and instructors!

Camp MSK Teaching Staff:

Jim Sautel, 7th dan, Mindy Sautel, 6th dan, John Sautel, 6th dan, Erik Albrechtson, 5th dan, Mark Fraser, 4th dan, Freddy Sautel, 4th dan, Alice Meyung, 4th dan, Clayton Garner, 4th dan, Bridget Sautel, 3rd dan, Brian Steward, 3rd dan, Michael Sandusky, 3rd dan, Stephen Sautel, 2nd dan, Erik Ondrejko, 2nd dan, Hope Morgan, 2nd dan, Kelsey Smith, red

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