Friday, April 3, 2015

Why I Have Pride in the CTI and MSK Taekwondo

By Tyler Murphy, 1st dan

Silhouette of two black belts kicking with high kicks

Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo at the Colorado Taekwondo Institute is an excellent place to devote my pride to because of the fact that it is simply an excellent program to be part of.

As an instructor I have seen first hand the devotion that fellow instructors at the CTI have for their students. The students always come first for these instructors and they do not have selfish needs or desires.  The instructors put in the effort and time to do what it takes for their students to succeed.  For example if the student needs some extra help on the poomse, the instructors will work with them and help them shoot for individual perfection.  The instructors know that there is, and always will be, something to improve upon, and their job is to get their students to that point.

I have not been an instructor for very long compared to many of the others, only a couple of years.  I remember when I first began putting in the work to be where I am now in the CTI LeAD Team; it was a completely new idea for me because I had no idea of the work that goes on behind the scenes.  Instructors do not boast of the work that they do, so at the time, there was no way for me to truly know how much dedication they had until I had experienced it first hand.

For the majority of my time before black belt, I had only worked out for myself and for my own betterment and did not realize the sacrifices that upper belts and instructors willingly make in order for their students to advance and grow.  The CTI martial arts black belts who teach are incredible.  They know more than thirty different pattern movements, over 520 movements, that have to be precise and completely memorized.  They also know about seven sets of self-defense, which is literally over one hundred self-defense techniques.

I have been at the Littleton location for a long time and have seen the instructors their demonstrate their commitment, but the best part is that I know it is not an isolated incident.  I know instructors from the LakewoodWestminster, GoldenConifer, and Craig martial arts schools and they all have one thing in common.  They are all committed to the success of their students. CTI instructors have trained and developed over many years and through the many years they have learned the importance of their students success.

Due to the fact that I know CTI martial arts black belts have perseverance, courtesy, integrity, self-control, and an indomitable spirit, I know that I have found the perfect place for my pride. This is a place, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute, where the instructors share pride in their Campus because through their intense dedication.

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