Tuesday, April 1, 2014


By Casey Feagans, red belt, 4th grade, CTI LeAD Team Member

1. Responsible- Taking care of your property
2. Body-  Being responsible for your arms, legs, and words
3. Actions- Be careful for what you say to others
4. Others- Take care of that person you may have hurt
5. Attitude- Taking care for what you say to yourself, others, and family
6. Control- Take control of what you do around others
7. Decision- Making the right choice
8. Mind- Be careful what you say around others
9. Heart- Be nice and lift someone up that is feeling bummed
10. Spirit- Be confident in yourself and other people that are around you

Being responsible for what you do can make a difference in your life.  Not only does it help you, you can help others make a difference in their lives.

I think it is important to be responsible at school because than you can keep your grades up if you pay attention and give 100% each day.  You also can learn more if you pay attention to what your teacher(s) is saying to you.  Being responsible can help you in many ways like learning and keeping your grades up to A’s or 4’s.

Being responsible at work helps you get your job done and makes it faster for you if you pay attention to what your boss might be saying to you.  Always be responsible for anything you participate in.

I think it’s important to be responsible at home because you won’t get in trouble by your parents or whoever is watching you.  Being responsible can be boring but sometimes you need to be responsible and just do the right thing, it’s about making good choices.

I think it’s important to be responsible at Taekwondo because it helps you say focused and helps you stay attached to what the instructor is saying to the class that he/she is teaching.

Also being responsible gets you one step closer to your next belt you are going for; for example- you might be going for Purple belt and is a blue belt at this moment.  She will try her best and give 100% each day and during class moving one step closer to Black Belt.

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