Monday, October 8, 2012

Honesty is the Only Policy

By Kyle Feagans, brown belt

Honesty is a trait that defines our inner character.

Honesty is the barometer used to measure who and what type of person you are.

Honesty means you do not have to be policed to do or say the right things.

Honesty is to do the thing whenever and wherever possible.

Being honest with one self can be very difficult.  To be honest, at the end of a long and challenging day, who really wants to sit back and think about the areas in their where they may or may not have been honest?  It can be a struggle to take a few seconds or minutes each and say:
  • Did I do a good job of balancing my work and family life?
  • Did I take care of the issues at work or home that I dreaded most today?
  • Did I give my all during my MSK Taekwondo workout today?
  • Did I challenge myself to step outside my own comfort zone today
  • Did I really need to out for lunch or could I have eaten that lunch I brought to work?
While each of the above items is important, the most important one is “balance.”  Work and family without balance is…just work.

Being honest with my family, like being honest with one self, at the end of a long day, has its challenges too.  However, honesty here means you our committed to and that you care about others the way you care about yourself.  You know it is important ask:
  • Did I take the time to tell my wife and kids that I love them and that I am proud of them?
  • Did I start and/or finish a chore or project that I said I would?
  • Was I really too busy to play a game with my family?
  • Did I listen with enthusiasm about the events of my wife and children’s day?
  • Did I take advantage of the time that I was given to spend with my family today?
Again, each of these items is important, the most important one is to tell my family that I love and am proud of them.

Being honest with co-workers and friends is vital to building depth, strength and integrity in the relationship.  It is difficult to build a working relationship with a co-worker or to build a lifelong friendship with someone without honesty.  Honesty is a key ingredient to the success of any business personal relationship.  Developing honesty with co-workers and friends can be as simple as asking yourself the following questions:
  • Did I take a few moments to say hi to a co-worker or ask how their day is going?
  • Did I really listen to a thought or idea of a co-worker or friend?
  • Did I act professional or show respect to a co-worker that may not have shown either one to me?
  • Did I offer to help a co-worker when they needed it?
  • Did I encourage a friend or co-worker when they were discouraged or frustrated?
Honesty is a way of life…it defines who we really are inside and out. There are tremendous consequences if you are not honest with family members, people you work with friends or even yourself.   Honesty breads traits such as respect, honor, trustworthiness and loyalty.  The consequences of being dishonest are to have these traits come under question.  These traits are typically at the core of one’s success and happiness in life.  It is also important to be honest in my daily life for my children.  I always know that it is possible that they are watching how their dad would handle an issue requiring honesty.

Honesty can be difficult when you know it will hurt you and or those around you.  Honesty does not come without consequences.  Always remember that there are good consequences too and the final result may end up as a positive.  It may strengthen a relationship with a family member, friend or co-worker.

I feel like I can accomplish anything life throws my way.  I also know that I will have the full support of family and friends with whatever challenges life may throw my way.   I have a sense of self-confidence that I would not have otherwise.  I know that I can sleep at night because I chose to do the right thing.

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