Friday, July 20, 2012

The DMAC is Back!

The Colorado Taekwondo Institute is hosting the 23rd Denver Martial Arts Championships at Alameda International High School September 22nd and 23rd.

Black Belt Breaking with a Kick
Students of all belt levels and ages will compete in Poomse, Sparring, First Point Wins!, and Breaking.  Competitions begin with black belt competitions on Friday evening after the CTI Private Lesson Extravaganza.  Private lessons are given by the black belts to benefit the next CTI Black Belt Team World Tour.  Students have the opportunity to choose their black belt and work on their tournament poomse, breaks, and sparring techniques right in the gymnasium where they will compete the next day!  The CTI Private Lesson Extravaganza is always popular and slots fill up quickly.  Check your CTI Campus bulletin board and sign up soon!

Saturday morning will begin early for the black belts, and as the day goes on, the other students come according to the championship schedule.  Click here for more information on times and rules.

At noon, the traditional group line-up takes place.  Competitions continue when the noon activities are over.

Remember, admission is always free for our family members and friends.  We appreciate our family and friend support and encourage everyone to come, watch and enjoy the exciting action and Moo Sul Kwan sportsmanship displayed by our competitors.

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