Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking about the CTI Mission Statement

By Bruce Dean, purple belt

CTI - Developing World Class Leaders
There are essentially 3 parts to the Moo Sul Kwan mission statement.  The first part is, “To encourage and develop world class leaders”.  This is the “what” part of the mission statement  - the goal part.  And while we may or may not have presidents or governors come out of the CTI campuses, that isn't the point.  Rather, the point is to build character in the individuals commensurate with that of the best leaders.  Once this character is ingrained, then the individual IS a world class leader, regardless of their position in life.

The next two parts of the mission statement are the “how” parts.  The first of these – educational excellence – means to me that the education will be impeccable, without flaw, and well rounded.  This is reflected in the fact that we aren't simply taught to spar or break, etc, but there are lessons in history and
other topics not strictly limited to a dojong.

The final piece of the mission statement – Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions, is important because it is the historical basis of the mission statement. This is the part that has endured, and therefore is most likely to continue to endure.  And as with such traditions with historical basis, the Moo Sul Kwan martial arts traditions endure because of the timelessness of the value they hold.

To be a CTI black belt means first to reflect the CTI mission statement in your life.  But more, it means that you flourish in a crucible meant to forge your character into that of a world class leader.  It is not for everyone.  And I have heard it said that less than one in five hundred white belts persevere to black belt.  But this is not surprising.  After all, world class leaders tend to be pretty rare.

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