Friday, May 25, 2012

Elementary School Gets the CTI Treatment

Demo at Green Mountain Elementary School
The room was packed with the First through Sixth Graders at Green Mountain Elementary School on May 11th.  There were not only students, teachers and workers in the crowded gym, but there were countless parents lining the walls!  May 11th was Field Day for Green Mountain Elementary School, and after their field day activities, the Colorado Taekwondo Institute came in to demonstrate and educate the students, teachers and field day helpers on Moo Sul Kwan martial arts.

After warming up in a music temp on the school grounds, our demo group entered the gym to hundreds of faces eager and ready to watch and learn.  It was standing room only and the demo space was tight.   After an introduction by Peyton and Connor Brauch, the demo started.  Exercise, basics, advanced kicks, poomse, one-step sparring, self-defense, breaking and more were explained and shown to the crowd.

Special thanks to Green Mountain Elementary School and to each of our CTI demo participants:  Jonah Sidwell, Connor Brauch, Natasha McKernan, Jennifer McKernan, Nathaniel McKernan, Peyton Brauch, Zach Greaves, Emily Brophy, Eric Evans, Erik Ondrejko, David Wallace, Michael Sandusky, Abdu Kikhia, Freddy Sautel, Master Albrechtson and Grandmaster Sautel.

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