Monday, February 13, 2012

MSK Training Comes Shining Through

By Jim Intriglia, green belt

Back in October of 2009, when I began my journey as a CTI student of Moo Sul Kwan Taekwondo, I learned that the training I would be receiving would benefit other aspects of my life.  Today, I can see how my training along with the new knowledge I have gained, has benefited many area of my life.  What’s most interesting is how other people, that are part of my life, see and value the training and lessons that I have learned as a CTI Taekwondo student.

For example, during a recent job performance evaluation at work, my supervisor noted that he values the fact that I am quick to volunteer when he needs a member of our team  to tackle an uncertain project or task.  I smiled when I was told this, because I realized that Grandmaster Sautel always encourages us in our training to be the first to volunteer in class when the call goes out for a volunteer.

Respect is another quality that becomes apparent to others that come in contact with CTI Taekwondo students.  When dealing with superiors at work, I often catch myself saying “Yes Sir” or “No Ma’am” in response to a directive.  While this response may raise an eyebrow or two once and a while, I notice that many managers appreciate respect shown in this way.  People in leadership positions appreciate being shown respect.

Discipline and tenacity are two other qualities that we learn as students of Moo Sul Kwan.  “You’re like a junkyard dog when you set your mind to getting something done,” I was told by a colleague not long ago.  I smiled and thought of all of the times that we were taught in class to never give up when we try and fail at accomplishing a goal.  We learn how to discipline ourselves, so we keep working at a task until the time comes when we have completed what we have set out to accomplish, and move on to accomplishing greater things.

Leadership is another quality that students learn as they progress through their Moo Sul Kwan training.  Though I do not always endeavor to lead projects at work or with community service organizations that I serve, I often am approached to do just that.  I know that the leadership training and qualities instilled in me as a CTI student shines through my everyday personality.  Leaders can spot leadership qualities in others, and thus CTI students often find themselves in leadership positions at work and in service to the community.

Courage and knowledge of self-defense are two other qualities that Moo Sul Kwan students learn from the first months of their training.  When an opportunity presents itself where a person is being physically or verbally abused, a MSK student will have the courage, discipline and skills to intervene successfully.

In what ways has your CTI MSK training benefited your friends, family and co-workers?

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