Thursday, December 29, 2011


By Kyle Feagans, brown belt

It can be overwhelming when one stops to think about the many things they can be thankful for.  For instance, we should be thankful for our friends, family, shelter and the wonderful country that we live in, The United States of America, where our freedoms are like no other in the world.  I am thankful for the sacrifice of those that give and have given us the freedoms that provide us the opportunities to pursue our “American Dream.”  Thanks to them and with our dedication, hard work and desire we can achieve whatever goal or dream we may have.

Being respectful and thankful to friends and family, providing support and encouragement are ways I show my gratitude back to others.  I try not to take the “little” things in life for granted.  It is easy to take things like having food and water and a nice place to live or having shoes for our feet and clothes for our body for granted.

I can show my gratitude on a daily basis to my wife and kids by letting them know that I love them.  I show my gratitude, although they do not see it as gratitude, in helping the kids with their homework.  By holding them accountable to their responsibilities around the house each day.  I also like to hear about their day at school, what their favorite activity was that day or how their friends are doing.

It feels good to be able to extend gratitude to others.  There can be feelings of happiness, joy, and delight and satisfaction in extending gratitude.  Not too long ago we at the CTI went on a “Food Drive” for the Jefferson County Action Center and WOW did we collect a lot of food for the local community.  Not only did we get to have a good time with friends and family, we were also able to help an organization that provides a great service to those who need help in the community.

It is always feels good when someone shows or does something when they really do not have to.  I am very grateful for people who extended their time and resources to teach and mentor me in my occupation or give advice on how to handle challenging situations at work, home or life in general.  I appreciate people that love to help and expect nothing in return.  Their reward is just the opportunity to help, to be in the position to extend their gratitude.

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