Friday, April 22, 2011

A Whole New Language

. . . a special language developed through years of training . . .

Standing around a group of MSK martial artists and listening is a unique experience if you haven’t been in class, yet.  There is a special language developed through years of training just as doctors, bricklayers, firemen and teachers develop their own vernacular.  The only way you acquire a new language, like Moo Sul Kwan, is to live it.  Through all the practice, study, repetitions and execution of your “art”, you are able to communicate with others on a whole “new” plane.      

Mr. Jamie Sautel, 3rd dan, had opportunities to shadow Dr. Rob Madayag (a huge CTI supporter) in the ER at a local hospital.  When asked how it went, he commented, “It was like a whole new language.  From the technical phrases used during real situations that happened, to the de-briefings after those events.” Sautel added, “I didn't know what they were talking about a lot of the time, but I could see that it was just like listening to the upper belts – so you just listen and learn.”

So how do you start to learn that MSK language?  1. Start by learning all of the terms used in class – know how to say them and spell them.  2. When you kihap, know that you are communicating your spirit and more to others in your class.  3. When answering back in class, do so with respect while using proper vocal levels. 4. Listen and practice.

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