Monday, March 21, 2011

You Each Share the Same Name

By Jim Sautel, 7th dan

Great Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin was speaking to a small group of Moo Sul Kwan black belts after the Gateway Taekwondo Championships in St. Louis last May.  Among many things that were discussed, one important point he imparted to the group was that each person sitting there shared the same last name.

Great Grandmaster Lee H. Park
“The same last name?” they thought to themselves.  It had been a long day and maybe they hadn't heard him correctly.  No . . . they had heard him right.  He said exactly what he meant to say.  We shared the same last name.  Just as sure as we were sitting there, we shared the same name, the same heritage -  and the name was “Moo Sul Kwan.”  
When you think about it, it’s true isn't it?  Because of the countless hours of training, the numerous trips and competitions you've taken, and the multitude of experiences and successes you've had studying Moo Sul Kwan, a connection has been built with fellow Moo Sul Kwan instructors and students from across the country.  You have a connection that was constructed through your hard work and dedication to the art named Moo Sul Kwan.

The students and instructors you meet a thousand miles away from home you find you can relate to because you speak the same language.  When you think about it, there is also a connection to Moo Sul Kwan students from across time itself.  It’s called “tradition” – more specifically, Moo Sul Kwan tradition.  Those workouts and competitions in the ‘70’s help lay the foundation of what we are also working on now.

Therefore, it’s important that we continue to train as hard as we can.  That we “Keep Pushing” both when times are tough and when times are good!  Great Grandmaster Shin wanted us to realize how special we were to be a part of  Lee H. Park’s organization - Moo Sul Kwan.  So we must turn up the heat, increase the pressure and challenge ourselves daily to work hard so that we deserve to be associated with Moo Sul Kwan martial artists from the present, past and future

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